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New Party Packages Coming Soon!

Come and celebrate with us! 

Book your party with us for any occasion.  We have 4 different areas where you can host your party including private rooms in the restaurant and an area in our arcade.  Our party rooms are also a great space to have meetings or gatherings while enjoying drinks and pizza!  

The Pro Room

One of our two private rooms inside the restaurant.  This room is best suited for larger parties.  Book your space now for any day of the week!

The U-Town Room

Our other in-restaurant private party room.  The U-town room is best suited for a large party.  Book now for any day of the week during normal operating hours!

The Dugout

The dugout is located inside the restaurant and a great place for a smaller group.  

Arcade Party Area

This area is located in the arcade.  This is a separate area created for parties but is open so you can watch the kiddos without a worry while they play.  Book now for any day of the week!

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